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Name: NAME E-mail: EMAIL City: CITY
Event date: EVENTDATE Availability: AVAILABILITY Start service: SERVICESTARTTIME
Type event: EVENTTYPE
Qty Menu Meat Options Dish options Hours of service Plates & Utensils Unit price Total
P Option 1: 3 (Beef, Chicken & Pork)
-Vegetarian & Vegan Included.
Order options: 4 Tacos OR
1 Burrito OR 1 Quesadilla
2 Yes P1 T1
P Option 2: 2 (Choose 2: Beef, Chicken or Pork)
-Vegetarian & Vegan Included.
Order options: 4 Tacos OR
1 Burrito OR 1 Quesadilla
2 Yes P2 T2
P Option 3: 3 (Beef, Chicken & Pork)
-Vegetarian & Vegan Included.
4 Tacos 1 Yes P3 T3
P Option 4: 2 (Choose 2: Beef, Chicken or Pork)
-Vegetarian & Vegan Included.
4 Tacos 1 Yes P4 T4
P Mexican Drinks (Optional) P5 T5
P Basic Canned Drinks (Optional) P6 T6
Extra Hours of Service (Optional) E
1 Travel Fee CITY (Applies to all service) TF
*Plus Tax (GST 5%).
Reserve Pay 50% to reserve your Event Date (non-refundable deposit).
Confirm Service Pay the remainder 5 Days Before Event.
1. Description of Dish Options: 4 Tacos (gluten free): Corn tortillas topped with customers choice of: Or beans & Rice (vegetarian), topped with fresh onion, cilantro and Salsa. Burritos: Flour tortilla topped with Beans and Rice and customers choice of: or Beans & Rice (vegetarian), topped with fresh onion, cilantro, Salsa, Sour Cream and Cabbage. Quesadillas: Flour tortilla stuffed with melted cheese and customers choice of: or vegetarian with a small side salad.

2. Service: Our service is casual and is food is served in the same way as on the street. We take custom orders, make them fresh to order and deliver them directly through the window. Your guests will be able to choose their dish & meat options at the window.

3. Payment: 50% deposit (non-refundable) required upon reservation. Full payment due 5 Days before event.

4. Payment Method: e-Transfer, Debit or Credit Card.

5. Guest Count: Final Guest Count, not subject to reduction, is due five (5) days prior to the event date. Any additional Guest after the stated period is subject to extra charges as may be imposed by the CATERER.

6. Guest count overage: CLIENT will only be charged for the guaranteed number of guests served. If there is more guest attending than the guaranteed guest count, the CATERER will charge the CLIENT accordingly.

7. Food Quantity: CATERER will prepare between five- ten percent (5%-10%) overage based on the final number of guest count registered by CLIENT. Part of this overage is to include food for the staff and/or service providers. CLIENT will not be charged for this.

8. Left Overs: In accordance with appropriate Health Codes, CATERER reserves the right to discard any leftover food items, after the agreed upon event timetable, where there is a reasonable risk for food borne illness to occur.

Taqueria del Pueblo is a Mexican Food truck catering company based in and serving Metro Vancouver. We are proud to be family owned and operated, and as a Mexican-Canadian couple we excel at delivering our authentic Mexican food experience with exceptional quality and service.

BEST TACOS: The number one reason to hire us for your party is because: Our Tacos are the best! But, if that isn't enough for you, know that.

FRESH & CUSTOM MADE: Because we make your guest's meals to order, there's no need for you to preorder their dishes prior to your event. Each guest can tell us what they want, and how they want it, right at the window. In a minute, it's it out the window & into their hands - fast & fresh!

INCLUSIVE: All of our menu options include gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options. You can rest easy knowing that no one will be left out!

ATMOSPHERE: Your guests will be delighted not only by our fresh and custom made dishes, but by the entire taco truck experience. We'll bring atmosphere, character & some sweet latin tunes to your party. Just don't blame us for your Uncle Pete's questionable salsa dancing moves!

SERVICE: We don't just project professionalism, we embody it. Oz opened his first Taqueria at the age of 14, and he's been famous for his sauces ever since. Today, we are proud to continue to serve his authentic recipes, and with the practical knowledge he gained earning his MBA, we are able to do so with unmatchable professionalism.

SATISFACTION: From quote to plate, you will be dealing with the people most invested in your satisfaction, the business owners.

Before deciding which menu option is best for you, you're going to want to understand the dishes that we offer. Some of our menu options allow your guests to choose from all three dishes, while the others offer tacos only for your guests.

TACOS: Our tacos are served on locally made corn tortillas. We fill them with our slow cooked marinated meats and top them with fresh housemade salsa, fresh cilantro & white onions. A truly authentic experience!

BURRITOS: We are famous for our delicious jumbo burritos! A toasted flour tortilla filled with slow cooked black beans, seasoned rice, marinated meat, fresh salsa, Mexican cream, fresh onions & shredded cabbage.

QUESADILLAS: Our quesadillas are filled with melted cheese & our marinated meats then crisped to perfection on the grill. We top them with Mexican cream, fresh salsa, cilantro & onions.


BEEF: Sorry, no ground beef here! Our beef barbacoa is made of AAA Canadian sirloin beef, and is slow cooked to perfection. Inspired by memories of childhood Sunday's eating barbacoa on the streets of Monterrey, our beef is marinated in Mexican herbs & is truly authentic.

CHICKEN: We start our chicken by using only breast meat, which makes it a favourite amongst clean eaters. It's seasoned with citrus and a blend of spices that make for a fresh, sweet and tangy taco. This style of chicken hails from the capital of Mexico, and is always a crowd favourite.

PORK: Our pork is a staff favourite, and often referred to as "the best pork in the world". Like all of our meats, it start with a high quality cut - pork shoulder. Our pork is cochinita pibil, or Mayan style, which has a delicious sweet & smoky flavour. This style is found in the South of Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula, and is unforgettable if not addictive.

VEGETARIAN: For your vegetarian & vegan guests we offer the perfect protein pairing of beans & rice. Our slow-cooked black beans are made from whole dried beans and blend beautifully with our seasoned Mexican rice, all topped with our house-made Mexican Crema & mozzarella cheese. Yum!

WHAT TYPES OF EVENTS DO YOU CATER? We love catering for the Metro Vancouver area! Birthday party catering, wedding catering, kids party catering, baby shower or bridal shower catering anywhere people gather, we can go. We are corporate caterers, too! Food trucks for events: corporate Lunch, corporate picnic, dinner party catering, office catering on site, film industry catering, Christmas party catering and more; try us!

ARE THERE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR CATERING WEDDINGS & EVENTS? We don't require a minimum number of people; it all depends on the total price of the services. Whether we can cater an event depends on the date, hour and location. Feel free to fill out our catering quote calculator for more specs like pricing and services. When you're ready to book, let us know your menu choices and guest count-we'll check our availability!

HOW ARE TAQUERIA DEL PUEBLO'S CATERING REVIEWS AND SERVICE? Our service is casual and is food is always served the same way, whether at a festival or a black tie affair. We take custom orders, make them fresh to order and deliver them directly through the window. Check out our testimonials page!

DO YOU HAVE ANY GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN OR VEGETARIAN CATERING OPTIONS? Yes! We can make tacos, burritos, or quesadillas especially for guests with these dietary restrictions.

WHAT IS YOUR FOOD TRUCK WAIT TIME? We serve approximately 100 guests per hour. In our experience, guests tend to gather around our truck. They use the time to enjoy socializing, dancing to our sound system, and appreciating the fun atmosphere that we bring to the party.

DO I NEED TO SECURE A PARKING SPOT FOR THE FOOD TRUCK? We require that our customers guarantee appropriate parking for the date & time of the event. We need a flat space with enough clearance to get in and out of the serving location. The food truck dimensions are: Height: 14, Length: 12', Width: 8'

DO YOU CHARGE A CATERING TRAVEL FEE? Yes, you can fill out a catering request form to receive a quote that includes the appropriate travel fee for your location.

DOES THE CUSTOMER NEED TO PROVIDE A FOOD TRUCK PERMIT FOR US TO CATER THE EVENT? No, not for a private event. We have the necessary licenses and permits.

DOES THE CUSTOMER NEED TO PROVIDE PLATES, UTENSILS, & NAPKINS? No, we provide disposable serving dishes, utensils, and napkins.

IS THE CUSTOMER RESPONSIBLE FOR TRASH? Yes, the customer must provide garbage cans and remove the trash for disposal at the end of the event. The truck is responsible for trash disposal within the truck only.

HOW FAR IN ADVANCE DO I NEED TO BOOK EVENT OR WEDDING CATERING? We prefer at least a week's notice for catered events, though the sooner you book the better, so you can secure your date

WHEN DO YOU NEED A DEPOSIT AND FULL PAYMENT? Catering requires a 50% deposit (non-refundable) upon reservation. Full payment is due 5 days before the event.

WHAT FORMS OF PAYMENT DO YOU ACCEPT? We accept credit cards, cash or e-transfer for food truck catering services.

WHERE DO YOU DO FOOD TRUCK CATERING FOR WEDDINGS, PARTIES AND EVENTS? We are proud to serve up our famous tacos and burritos in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta, Tsawwassen, Surrey, White Rock, New Westminster, Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Langley, Fort Langley and Abbotsford.